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Don Odom Owner SuccessPath Coaching & Consulting

The Missing Piece To Success!!!

Discover the Secret for How To Make Your Business Come Alive for Your Finances and Life

Hi, I am Don Odom.  Five years ago, I was at the end of my rope. I couldn't get my business over the hump. No matter how hard I worked or which new business tool I tried, I couldn't get to the next level.  I was frustrated and worried. Then I discovered the secret to business success wasn't another business tool, but something that was right under my nose the whole time.

I discovered through my own hardships and struggles that the Missing Piece to success was personal awareness.   I was doing things that I didn't realize that held me back.  But, once I discovered that, everything changed for me.  It can be the same for you too! 
I am excited to share the Business Personality Quiz with you so that you can learn more about what makes you tickwhat holds you back, and what to do to make your business come alive.  Take the FREE Quiz and discover the Missing Piece to your success!

It only takes a few minutes 

What You'll Learn From The Quiz

  • The Biggest Challenge That Holds Your Personality Style Back
  • The Root Experience That Leads To Your Style
  • The One Thing That You Can Do For the Biggest Positive Impact

Missy Walker-Mandy

Owner, Dream Cleaning

"I've increased my revenues by 40% and changed my mindset about what it really means to be a business owner. The wealth of knowledge and consistent support that Don provides is invaluable." 

Dan Skaggs

Owner, One Thing Marketing

"In just a few months, we've made big strides in several aspects of our business. Don helps you see the blind spots that you overlook because you're too involved in running the day to day operations of your business."