Business Personality Results

Your quiz answers indicate that your a Type 2 (Compassionate) Business Personality.



You have a lot going for you as a Compassionate Personality type.  You are energetic, outgoing, and fun to be around. You enjoy attention and making people happy.  One of your biggest strengths is your empathy for others.  You feel what they are experiencing.  The areas that create challenges for you as a Compassionate Business Personality are your reactions to situations or people. Your feelings are your guide, and sometimes they lead you astray.  You tend to internalize the reactions that others have to you, and their reactions influence how you feel about yourself.  Your biggest challenge is dealing with someone being upset at you.  You spend much of your time considering others and working to please and take care of them emotionally.

How Your Business Personality Shows Up In Your Business:

Your Compassionate Personality shows up in your business as often feeling overwhelmed working to balance the needs of your business with making sure others are okay.   Being "on" for everyone is demanding, and takes time from the things that must be done, leaving you feeling torn between what must be done and worrying about others.  You're often tired and feel overwhelmed.  When you say “yes” to everyone else in the hopes that they will be pleased with you, you are saying “no” to yourself. The lack of boundaries means there is little time for you to take care of your self, leaving you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and in need of comfort.  Often, Type 2’s burn themselves out, trying to keep everyone around them happy. Your drive to make others happy leads you to be highly sensitive about asking others to do things. You fear that your request will be too much in some way. So delegating, giving feedback about poor performance, modeling boundaries around time and relationships can be challenging for you as a Compassionate Business Personality.

The Roots of Your Business Personality:

Interestingly, the reason for the struggles you have today started early on, back in your childhood. Our childhood experiences significantly impact the adults we are today.   As a kid, Compassionate Business Personalities typically receive messages from their parents and other authority figures about their looks or cute personality, but little, if any, reinforcement of their capabilities.   As a Type 2, you learned that your value was associated with your appearance and making the people around you happy. Because of those early messages, today, when people around you are unhappy, you feel the need to do everything that you can to “fix” things for them. As a result, you are inherently motivated to take care of others, particularly their feelings and emotions. 

Your Big Fear:
Being compassionate is an attractive trait, and because of your focus on others, you often don’t recognize just how much you are taking care of the people around you until it gets to be too much. When Type 2’s see the cost of what they are doing, they feel stuck.  They wonder how they can suddenly start setting boundaries for themselves or start saying “no” to things. The deep-seated fear is people will no longer like or love them if they stop taking care of them the way they do; not only will they feel it emotionally, but their business may suffer. Though challenging for Compassionate Business Personalities, the best action is to create emotional safety for themselves and implement self-care into their lives through boundaries. When you slow down, take care of your self, and develop boundaries, your business and relationships begin to change for the better.
Creating Boundaries For Yourself:

In my programs, you will learn how to recognize your strengths, abilities, and intelligence so that you are comfortable setting boundaries and finally saying no to others and yes to yourself.  With support, you will see and accept that harmony with everyone is not required for you to succeed or for your business to grow. When someone is displeased with you or suggests that you made a mistake, you will no longer jump to the conclusion that they see you as incompetent or that they think little of you.  You will emerge from the program with a game plan for setting boundaries and a renewed sense of energy for your own self-care that will enable you to change your business, stop over caring for others, and achieve your goals.