Business Personality Results

Your quiz answers indicate that your a Type 3 (High Standards) Business Personality.

High Standards


You have a lot going for you as a High Standards Personality type.  You are incredibly responsible, and you get things done! You are dedicated, people rely on you, and you deliver. Achievement drives you.  You see that there is always more to do, so you move from one project or task to the next without resting.  You’re focused, and you put off play until your work is done. You have little patience for horseplay or foolishness, and often get annoyed with others who don’t share your level of motivation and dedication. You have high standards for yourself and others, which is why you’re a Type 3 Business Personality.

As a Type 3, you often find it challenging to stop working. It’s like there’s no off switch. Just relaxing is hard for you. Hanging out, doing nothing feels odd and uncomfortable. So, instead of resting, you get up, find something to do, and get busy. For you, success lies just on the other side of completing the work. You plan to slow down then, but relaxing has to wait until the job is done, leaving you often feeling overworked, stressed, and anxious, which holds you back in your business and relationships. 

How Your Business Personality Shows Up In Your Business:

Your High Standards Personality shows up in your business as intense stress and anxiety.  Often your relationships, both business and personal, are strained as you struggle to trust and relax.  You feel the weight of the world and are willing to take it on, but often do it alone because it is incredibly challenging for your to delegate to others.  As a result, you live in a constant state of feeling overloaded, which adds to your stress and limits your business growth though you work hard.  You demand much of yourself and others, which often strains your relationships - you expect more, while others feel under appreciated.  The thing you fear most is not doing a good job and letting things fall through the cracks on your watch.   So there is never an end to the work nor your disappointment that others are not as committed as you.  Your high standards and elevated sense of responsibility drives you hard.  You're serious, because important things are at stake, but others can sense your focus and move away, which triggers frustration for you.  You don't necessary want to feel like an island and that you're in it alone, but often that's what happens, so you work hard but often feel like you should be farther along.  So business represents more frustration than satisfaction. 

The Roots of Your Business Personality:

Interestingly, the reason for the struggles you have today started early on, back in your childhood. Our childhood experiences significantly impact the adults we are today.   As a kid, High Standard Business Personalities often got messages from their parents and other authority figures that their worth was directly connected to their output.  You were praised for doing and accomplishing, but often ignored if you were not working or doing something.  These messages of performance were both modeled in actions and reinforced verbally. You learned that to be okay; you must work, achieve, and be responsible. When you worked and performed, you got recognition and support. When you just hung out, you received little, if any, recognition for just being you. As a result, you learned that you must perform and achieve to be noticed and loved.  Those early experiences play out in your business and life today. Most often, the fear of failing is what drives Type 3’s; if you fail, it would mean that you don’t matter and are not worthy of love and recognition. The desire to avoid such feelings drives you into a continuous loop of “doing.” You move from project to project and work and work and work. You unknowingly are compelled to do “perfect” work so that there is no question of your value and worth. Your drive for success and achievement is what makes you a High Standard Business Personality. 

Your Big Challenge:
The biggest challenge you face is trusting and relaxing.  Some where inside of you, the message rings out that you must be working virtually all of the time, if you don't, then something bad will happen.  Oddly enough, the path to achieving more isn't through working more - you are constantly going, but still don't feel successful.  Understanding that rest is required for improvement and reflection is a necessary to ensure that you are working on the right things, is the first steps toward improving your work results and feeling better about your progress, yourself, and those around you.  When you learn to slow down, delegate, and take care of yourself your business and relationships improve.
Learn How To Relax and Enjoy:

In my programs, you will become aware of the areas where you are setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and others that hold you back in your business and personal life. We will eliminate the self-messages that scare you into overworking and living in a near constant state of stress and worry.  You'll emerge with a new sense of how to achieve success that doesn't include working yourself to death and out of relationships. Your new mindset will enable you to change your business, change your stress level, and change your results.