Business Personality Results

Your quiz answers indicate that your a Type 1 (All or Nothing) Business Personality.

All or Nothing


You have a lot going for you as a All or Nothing Personality type.  When you are All in, you are playful, loyal, and have a super keen eye for spotting problems or flaws quickly.  You're All In efforts payoff by bringing impact, results and positive swings in your business.  When the momentum shifts from All In, you often feel overwhelmed or that nothing is working right, when that happens the tendency is to back off and move into the Nothing phase. The Nothing phase can be very difficult to manage because although you are determined to get things done, your motivation for doing them slips away from you.  And that can be very stressful as you wrestle with your desire to do, but somehow holding yourself back from proceeding. Cycling between All or Nothing leads to feeling frustrated and stuck.  You work hard and try hard, but the struggle you often experience slows your business growth and progress.  

How Your Business Personality Shows Up In Your Business:

Your All or Nothing Personality shows up in your business by making business, itself, feel like a struggle.  Nothing is simple. There seems to always be a battle going within you on how to proceed.  The struggle between All or Nothing is triggered by your perspective that only one real solution exists for any problem.  The pressure to choose the right option, from an either or situation, leads to an inner battle that leaves you feeling stuck and frustrated between selecting the right answer or doing nothing at all.  

The way out of struggling and stressing is to remind yourself that there are more than two options (beyond either this or that) for all situations. When you allow yourself to see this, and find a third option, you are able to reduce the pressure of making the right decision, which lowers your inner struggle and frustration.  

When you find yourself pushing back as the demands rise, remind yourself that success is available to you without having to struggle to achieve it. That the business and others will cooperate with you if you ask directly for what you want.  All or Nothing Business Personalities like to enjoy their business, their work, and other people.  Those who know you see you as playful, fun, and witty.  However, the big area to guard against is being aware that when things aren't going well, its easy for others to pick up that you are unhappy, uneasy, or frustrated, which can lead people to back away leaving you feeling that you are in the fight by yourself.    

The Roots of Your Business Personality:

Interestingly, the reason for the struggles you have today started early on, back in your childhood. Our childhood experiences significantly impact the adults we are today.   As kids, Type 1 business personalities often experienced being controlled by their parent(s) and other authority figures in their life.  Commonly, you found yourself in “my way or the highway” situations with parents and other authority figures.  

Growing up, you had little ability to fight back, so you complied.  But as you got older, you developed your own thoughts and opinions on how things should work and be done.  Even as your sense of self grew, you continued to comply, but secretly, you looked for ways for how you could do things your way.

Slowly, you discovered ways to regain your control, but almost always it required that you push back against others and the demands that they placed on you. Because of the competing demands, it was challenging to make a decision and pursuit it fully. There always seemed to be the struggle between doing what you wanted and making sure that others were happy with you.

Being an All or Nothing is not only confusing but hurtful. In a real way, you got the message that it wasn’t okay to do things your way, and as a result, this caused you to feel that others were not okay because they wouldn’t let you be yourself.

The Decision You Made:

The decisions that you made as a kid, that enabled you to gain back your sense of control; today leads to challenges, frustration, and inconsistency in your business and keeps you frustrated. Instead of free-flowing toward your goals and dreams, you struggle and feel “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” The inner battle leads you to cycle between “all or nothing” effort or either or thinking, which stalls out your growth and momentum; and impacts your confidence.

Break-free of All or Nothing:

In my programs, you will learn how to erase feeling like you're “All or Nothing.” You learn how to embrace the strengths of your Business Personality so that you stop the struggle and break through to the success you want.  You will discover how to expand the either - or problem-solving structure that leads to feeling stuck and frustrated.  There’s another way; a way where you can have the life, freedom, and control that you imagined when you started your business.  Click on the button below to learn more.