Get Results NOW Coaching Package

Get Results NOW Bullseye

This coaching package is for anyone who wants clear direction and a step-by-step success plan to achieve results

This package includes three one-hour sessions.  Here's what you get:

Package Overview:

Each of the three one-hour sessions serve a specific purpose and is designed to help you identify the real challenges holding you back, so that can build a well-formed and connected game plan for success.

Session One:

In session one, we jump right in and cut through the haze and uncertainty that stands in the way of your success.  Removing the haze and fuzziness ensures you're working in the right direction.

Session Two:

In your second session, we'll build your personal roadmap.  You'll use it as a guide to keep you focused and on target, so that you break through to the next level and achieve the success you want. 

Session Three:

In the last session, we explore any mindset challenges or blind spot issues that could stand in your way, and then create a plan to keep those things from stopping your momentum and success.


As you can see from the package description, each session is structured to identify specific areas, so that by the end, you have a well-formulated, complete plan to break through and succeed.

Next Steps:

Stop wrestling, struggling, and spinning your wheels with challenges and issues that hold you back. Don't deal with it for even one more day. Buy the package, get the results you want now.

What they are saying about the program ...

Jill Lowry, Owner Schooley Mitchell Kentuckiana

Jill Lowry


Schooley Mitchell KY

I have much more clarity.

Don’s program and very astute coaching made me dig deep and reflect on where I was and where I was going as a business owner. He helped me see my business differently and challenged me to embrace my authenticity. Today, my business is performing much better. I have so much more clarity.

Sonia Johnson - Options for Individuals

Sonia Johnson

Executive Director

Option for Individuals

You've given me new insight and energy.

"Working with Don is a must if you are looking to excel yourself professionally and give your business new insights. As a business leader, your organization's success depends on your ability to grow your professional depth and development. Don's full, well-rounded approach delivers above expectations."

Successpath Customer Michelle Gentile

Michelle Gentile


At The Root

I know what to do now and how to do it.

Don’s program helped me immensely. I went to him because I needed to learn to sell. I discovered that I held some beliefs about selling and salespeople that I had to clear first. Don first helped me realize that I could sell without compromising who I am, then he helped create a structure to follow. His program and steps made everything so clear. I know what to do now and how to do it. It worked great. Don’s program and coaching are highly organized and effective. I couldn’t recommend it and him more.

Get Results NOW Coaching Package 

$675 one-time or $345 two-pay option