Mind Messages 

Personal Playbook Program

Mind Messages Program

This coaching package is for anyone who wants to stop stressing and worrying about growing their business, and start maximizing their results through next-level personal performance.

In this program, you'll learn the foundational drivers of your personality style and how to use them to maximize your impact and results while minimizing your uncertainties and fears so you stop holding yourself back. This package includes five one-hour sessions.  Here's what you get:

Session One:

You'll discover your Personal Style, and understand in-depth how you have adapted and operate.  You'll understand more about why you do what you do than ever before in this first session of the program.  

Session Two:

Next, you will explore the characteristics of your style, and take a deep-dive into the drivers of your style, and how you can leverage them for better results and less stress in your life.

Session Three:

In your third session, we explore your Personal Style driver messages - your inner dialogue.  You’ll learn how to elevate your message for optimal confidence and  performance.

Session Four:

In this step, you'll learn how to recognize that your driver behaviors are showing up and what to do to maximize your results and elevate your sense of calm, instead of tripping yourself up. 

Session Five:

In the last session, we'll create your Personal Playbook for success.  It'll incorporate all that you've learned for maximizing your personal style, so that you are the most effective, impactful version of you.


This program reveals the tips, insights, and strategies you need to finally move past the uncertainties, fears, and blind spots that have held you back and kept you from the success that you deserve. 

What they are saying about the program ...

Jill Lowry, Owner Schooley Mitchell Kentuckiana

Jill Lowry


Schooley Mitchell KY

I have much more clarity.

Don’s program and very astute coaching made me dig deep and reflect on where I was and where I was going as a business owner. He helped me see my business differently and challenged me to embrace my authenticity. Today, my business is performing much better. I have so much more clarity.

Sonia Johnson - Options for Individuals

Sonia Johnson

Executive Director

Option for Individuals

You've given me new insight and energy.

"Working with Don is a must if you are looking to excel yourself professionally and give your business new insights. As a business leader, your organization's success depends on your ability to grow your professional depth and development. Don's full, well-rounded approach delivers above expectations."

Successpath Customer Michelle Gentile

Michelle Gentile


At The Root

I know what to do now and how to do it.

Don’s program helped me immensely. I went to him because I needed to learn to sell. I discovered that I held some beliefs about selling and salespeople that I had to clear first. Don first helped me realize that I could sell without compromising who I am, then he helped create a structure to follow. His program and steps made everything so clear. I know what to do now and how to do it. It worked great. Don’s program and coaching are highly organized and effective. I couldn’t recommend it and him more.

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