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Jill Lowry, Owner Schooley Mitchell Kentuckiana

Jill Lowry


Schooley Mitchell KY

I have much more clarity.

Don’s program and very astute coaching made me dig deep and reflect on where I was and where I was going as a business owner. He helped me see my business differently and challenged me to embrace my authenticity. Today, my business is performing much better. I have so much more clarity.

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About The Founder of SuccessPath, Don Odom

Helping Business Owners grow their business and live better lives is my passion. 

I've owned 4 businesses over the past 27 plus years, and I've had success and failure.

My biggest failure was living too many years stressed out, worrying that things weren't going to work out, and missing out my life.

Several years ago, I discovered that the secret for growing my business was improving my understanding of me.   Who I was and how I operated.  It was eye-opening.

What I learned changed the way I saw myself, my level of success, and my approach as a business owner.  

Today, I share the secrets that I've learned for how to grow your business and live a better life with as many business owners as I can. The results have been amazing and lives have been changed.

I look forward to the potential of assisting you to higher growth and deeper personal satisfaction.


I look forward to meeting you and assisting you to get the results you want!