Spring Board Success Stories

Below are the testimonials from real clients and the real results they achieved through Spring Board Programs

Successpath Business Coaching 5 Star Review

I have worked with Don for over two years. The wealth of knowledge and consistent support that he provides is invaluable. He helps me see things differently. Today, I think differently about myself, my business and my services than I did in the past. Because of his experience, he sees opportunities that are available, but not obvious. And he has this natural coaching style that helps me feel comfortable pursuing them. I have not only increased our business revenue by 40% but I have changed my mindset about what it really means to be a business owner. 

Missy Walker Mandy

DreamCleaning, LLC

Missy Walker - Owner Dream Cleaning LLC SuccessPath Business Owner Coaching

We've only been working with Don for a few months now, but have already made big strides in several aspects of our business. Don provides a unique outside perspective to help you see blind spots that you don't see because you're too involved in running the day to day operations of your business. He doesn't just tell you what to do, but helps you think things out and together come up with the best solutions and how to implement them. We just closed one of our biggest clients by implementing what we've learned so far along with Don's guidance. 

Dan Skaggs

One Thing Marketing

Dan Skaggs Owner One Thing Marketing

My business has improved as a result of working with Don. Our revenues are up, we have more customers and our business is more organized than ever before. Don’s has helped me see the things I was doing that held me and the company back. I've moved from being knee deep in the day-to-day, to having a business that works, even when I am not there. Last year, I was finally able to take a vacation. The last time I did that was 8 years ago. Don’s practical business experience, sales and marketing know-how and sincere desire to improve things has helped me and my company tremendously. 

Mike Murray

A Plus Paper Shredding

Mike Murray, Owner A Plus Paper Shredding

I have owned my own business for 25 years. If we had employed Don earlier, I would have had many more restful nights. Don starts with you and your company where you are. He masterfully assesses what is needed most to meet the goals you set. He then, in personal meetings, brings you along so that you can indeed meet your goals.  Unlike other coaches who might be more interested in themselves, Don obviously spends a lot of time thinking about you and your business. He has a plan for you every week and the next steps are always clear and effective. The best thing I can say to anyone about Don Odom is don’t delay. If you think he can help, hire him today. Don’t look back.

Don Cherrie


Don Cherrie, Owner Nimlok Kentucky

Working with Don is personal and effective. He has many fresh ideas and a keen prospective that are very helpful to me. He’s always thinking of how he can help my company improve. He doesn’t just offer good ideas; he gives me ways to implement them.

Anne Pfieffer


Ann Pfieffer, Owner CimTech

Recently, I asked Don to give a talk about ways to grow your business at a conference of 12-15 of my peers. I and others became clients of his based on that talk.  Don’s program and (in hindsight) his very astute coaching made me dig deep and reflect on where I was and where I was going as a business-owner. He helped me see my business differently and challenged me to embrace my authenticity. Today, my business is performing much better. I have so much more clarity. I can really account for everything that I need to do to meet my goals. My work with Don was truly transformational for me and my business..

Jill Lowry

Schooley Mitchell

Jill Lowry, Owner Schooley Mitchell Kentuckiana

I highly recommend Don Odom! He has helped me understand to sell like a never before; he’s given me ideas to improve our business and the steps to implement them. He shows you how to go about the sales process is a professional way, no “cheesiness” or pushiness, and get the sales growth you want without making your prospects feel uncomfortable or pressured. It’s a win-win – more sales, less stress.

Bob Ferland

Arc Point Labs

Bob Ferland, Owner ARC Point Labs

I have been working with Don for almost a year and have seen dramatic improvements with our sales process and client experience. Individually, Don has helped me grow as a salesperson by increasing the effectiveness of how I talk with decision makers and helped me to be more confident navigating a sales meeting. As of Q3 my company has already increased our yearly receivables by 30%. If you are looking to grow your business, talk to Don. It is a no-brainer.

Brittney Murphy

One Thing Marketing

Brittany Murphy, One Thing Marketing

Don has helped me recognize the internal obstacles (mindset, beliefs) that keeps me frustrated, full of anxiety, and that prevent me from reaching my goals. Don shares with me alternatives that allow me to break through barriers as opposed to just navigating around them. Don’s approach is professional, personable, and conveys a genuine interest in helping people. He’s great and what he does works!

Stormie Tucker


Stormie Tucker

Don has helped me discover the fears and shortcomings that were getting in the way of my sales success. He taught me a sale process that I am able to repeat and over time, assisted me in peeling away the layers of insecurities and negative thoughts that I never knew existed, but that were getting in my way. I’m more confident than ever in how to sell and in myself. That has allowed me to get in front of the right people, ask the right questions and help my prospects tell me their real issues. Each year my sales have increased.  I owe my success to the work that I’ve done with Don.

Gregg Callas

A Plus Paper Shredding

Gregg Callis, A Plus Paper Shredding

Don is truly extraordinary at what he does. He help me refine my sales processes and to evaluate the sales language I use.  As a result of working with him, I have increased my client intake volume by 14%, my average client value by 12%, and my first-year client retention by 8%. More importantly, I have become more consistent in my client conversation.  I am enjoying selling more than ever.  Don has helped me see my blind spots and directed and supported me closely as I made the changes that I needed.  Don's advice and perspectives inside of my practice has been one of the most profitable things I have ever done.

Johnathan Lanham


Jonathan Lanham TransAmerican Insurance

“Working with Don has made a huge impact on me personally and professionally. The techniques he’s developed are quite unique and applicable. He is very personable and has a passion for making his “students” and their businesses successful. I couldn’t be happier with using his services.”

Bobby Sorrells

Ad Fx Marketing

Bobby Sorrells, Ad F.X.

I recommend Don to any business owner or sales professional looking to improve their outlook and results. I worked with Don Odom as my business coach for the better part of a year, and in that time, I saw growth both personally and professionally. Don helped me recognize both strengths and opportunities in my approach. This allowed me to focus on what I do best while getting my business to prosper.

Jason Duckworth

Jen Pale

Don and I worked together to get a sales strategy going and to get me out of the weeds of day to day business operations. He picked up on what we are doing very quickly and was able to help almost immediately. Highly recommended.

Jay Rollins

Cloud Nexus

Jay Rollins, Owner Cloud Nexus

Don’s program helped me immensely. I went to him because I needed to learn to sell. I discovered that I held some beliefs about selling and salespeople that I had to clear first. Don first helped me realize that I could sell without compromising who I am, then he helped create a structure to follow. His program and steps made everything so clear. I know what to do now and how to do it. It has worked well!. Don’s program and coaching are highly organized and effective. I couldn’t recommend it and him more.

Michelle Gentile

At The Root Nutrition

Michelle Gentile Owner At The Root

I recently hired Don to help me put a game plan together to sell a brand new service for my company. My expectations were that he would give me a few clever things to say and a sales script or two, but what I got was so much more. He helped me to see the sales process in a completely different light. His thoughtful insights and the sales mindset he has helped me develop were very impactful. In my very first sales conversation, I was able to move the prospect from somewhat skeptical to a genuine interest in knowing more about the value proposition I could help deliver. It was fantastic! Don was able to instill within me the confidence of knowing what to do, what to say, and why I was saying it. I could not recommend Don and his program enough. He will not only help you become a better salesperson, but also show you how to attack the fear and uncertainty that is preventing you from achieving the results you want.

Matt Vance

Kentucky Bankers Association

Matt Vance KY Bankers Associatoin

The value that Don provides is incredible. He has helped me understand things about selling and myself that I wished I knew 20 years ago. If I had, I would have made a lot more sales and had a lot less stress. After just a few sessions, I saw selling in a completely different way – more relaxed, more conversational, and more effective. In addition to improving my sales skills, he has helped me understand my personality and style, and how at 53 years old, to be more effective, relaxed, and impactful. It’s been a great advantage to work with Don, not only for my sales but also for my life.

Brett Sackett

Nimlok Kentucky

Brett Sackett Nimlok-Kentucky

What you do for me has been awesome! My sales results have been phenomenal.  The training, reassurance, and support has been so helpful.  I sold nearly $500,000 in the past three months. I've nearly doubled my goal.  In the 14 years I've never sold that amount in three months. You've helped me see selling differently, and my results show it.  Thank you for all that you do for me. 

Matt Trueblood


Matt Trueblood - Nimlok Kentucky

Don helped me turn around an inefficient, inconsistent, and highly wasteful production process. He laid out the big picture and the central problem leading to the waste, frustration, and missed deadlines we were experiencing. He helped me cut through the noise and establish a new process that created focus, clarity, and consistency. As a result of his guidance, consulting, and coaching, I have a better handling on things, and we are experiencing more efficiencies, better teamwork, more met deadlines, and less waste. Don is knowledgeable, compassionate, and knows what works. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Melissa Bounadonna M


Melissa Bounadonna