Attention Business Owners

If you're working 50, 60 even 70 hours a week and still not getting the results you want, there's a problem and you're in the right place to get answers.

Welcome to Spring Board Business Owner Coaching:

Do you want more sales, more profit, and more freedom, but feel overrun and exhausted by your business? You're not alone.  

Most owners work hard, but still fall short.  Business success isn't just about hard work.  Plenty of hard working owners struggle.  

I show business owners how to transform their business from a job that owns them into a company that takes care of them.

You learn how to lower your stress, increase your sales, create consistency, and drive more profit; and best of all, how to stop having to carry your business on your shoulders to succeed.

If you're ready to turn your hard work into more success, more  control, more freedom, and more time for life click here. 

I have worked with Don for over two years. He helps me see things differently. Today, I think differently about myself, my business and my services than I did in the past.  I've increased our business revenue by 40% and I changed my mindset about what it really means to be a business owner.

Missy Walker

Owner, Dream Cleaning

Missy Walker - Owner Dream Cleaning LLC SuccessPath Business Owner Coaching

The Founder of Spring Board Coaching

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Coaching Business Owners to grow their business and live better lives is my passion. 

I've owned 4 businesses over the past 27 plus years, and I've succeeded and failed. 

Over the my career, I learned the core functions that drive business success.  But what took me years to learn, was the secret right in front of me, that kept my hard work and long hours from paying off fully.

When I discovered that secret, it was the missing piece that I needed to take my business, results, and personal satisfaction to the next level.

It changed everything.  My sense of purpose, my results, my bank account, but especially my stress level. 

Today, I share the secrets that I've learned for growing a business and living a better life.  The results have been amazing and lives have been changed.

I look forward to the potential of assisting you to more growth, more satisfaction, and more success.   Click here and find out how to take your business, results, and satisfaction to the next level.  

Don Odom Business Coach